About Company

EnviroVest Group is an investment group with a focus on environmental services, advanced manufacturing and resource recycling. it is one of the industry leaders committed to sustainable resource development. With a global network of independent consultants and plan engineers specialized in water, waste water, solid waste and environmental protection technologies, the Group and its joint venture partners have accumulated 30 years of experience in more than 800 engineering projects in the field of environmental protection, from planning to construction and commissioning, and have hundreds reference cases in the field of industrial waste water treatment. The Group's environmental services business is mainly divided into two segments: EnviroVest Services and EnviroVest Smart. Our main focus is on industrial and municipal waste treatment and recycling, smart city waste management and electronic waste treatment and disposal.

EnviroVest Services

With the continuous urbanization and industrialization in China and the gradual improvement of people's living standards, various types of solid wastes such as municipal solid waste, industrial solid waste, hazardous waste and electronic waste, are experiencing explosive growth. The centralized treatment and disposal facilities have become an important measure to treat solid waste, and the industrial base approach for waste treatments are increasingly being accepted by city managements.

EnviroVest Smart

The scope of smart cities are all encompassing, from the management of water, electricity, transportation, medical care, energy conservation to emission reduction, and more. But they all have strong commonalities. That is, it involves a lot of data collection, integration and processing. These data are large in content, varied in form, and constantly updated over time.