Businesses 》Soil Remediation

EnviroVest actively introduces soil remediation technologies from Europe and provides various types of in-situ or ex-situ soil remediation solution for industrial customers, agricultural customers, and waste treatment customers. Due to the complex chemical composition in the soil and the types of pollutants, the technologies involved in soil remediation is highly differentiating. EnviroVest has abundant technical resources and can provide customers with preliminary surveys, expert team consultation, program design, program implementation, effects monitoring and other integrated services.

This smart system based on natural phenomena is free of any chemicals, and no secondary pollution, no harm to animals and plants; construction and restoration are allowed without dismantling the superstructure of the soil, which can be used in daily operations at the same time carry out soil remediation.

Flexible and Expandable
Combination of modules can be flexible per actual needs, including liquid phase extraction, pre-filtration, on-site reactor, liquid phase adsorption, in-situ injection, gas phase extraction, air injection, feed pump, gas equipment, etc.

High Efficiency
Direct injection equipment, combined with drilling and injection technology, can inject chemicals into the contaminated layer deep below the soil, as opposed to pushing the injection probe into the soil. A single injection can minimize environmental risks and avoid interference with the daily operation of the repair area.

Achieved by accelerating the metabolism of microorganisms in the soil, restoring the ecological structure and self-cleaning ability of the soil. Therefore, after reducing the pollutants to a reasonable range, even if the installed electrodes are separated and removed, the soil can still repair itself, and the metabolic activities of microorganisms will continue to work.