Businesses „ÄčSolution and Service

EnviroVest provides the solutions and integrated services for waste management in university laboratories, providing professional and standardized door-to-door services for waste management in university laboratories, testing institutions and small companies, and helping them to completely solve the waste treatment probelms.

Research Strength
Focus on local characteristics, independently develop advanced technologies, optimize and improve the local waste management level. Establish high-level international technical cooperation and promote the high-quality development of innovative technologies.

Technology Accumulation
Independent research and development of proprietary technology. With domestic leading environmental protection equipment, complete collection, transportation and comprehensive utilization systems, it has taken the lead in business model of waste collection-classification-storage-disposal.

Mature Application
The 10,000-ton hazardous waste disposal center project that is compatible with the technical application has reached the world's advanced level. It is safe and effective for simultaneous waste treatment of different components and weights according to different working conditions and requirements.

Success Case
Have successfully provided solution for the world's top 500 industrial companies such as BASF, Sinopec, Siemens and Huntsman in tackling industry waste treatment and disposal.